Use Facebook to Promote and Branding your Business

 Use Facebook to Promote and Branding your Business-Part-1

Now a days, Facebook became a great way to connect people with each other. Facebook started its journey since 2004 with a few facilities but in recent it’s expanded lots of flexibility among the community in several ways.

Facebook’s slogan is

In previous, we saw people using facebook for making friendship, communicating with friends and family, sharing music, videos, chatting and great occasions.

But now, it has appeared with huge scope to promote and branding your business as well.

Here, I would discuss about some basics and advance elements of facebook and its relation to promoting business.

–         What Is Facebook ? How to use facebook? How to create and maintain facebook business page or fan page?

Simple Answer, Facebook is a social network using to connect people – friends, family, co-workers, or with those who have similar interests. Facebook first lunched in 2004 as network for college/university students but has since expanded beyond that to schools, corporations, and any user across the world. Facebook allows users to connect and share information in a variety of ways.

Current statistics of Facebook states that it has over 750 million users, and that number continues to grow rapidly. A census from it is currently the second most popular website in the world, just behind Google in terms of unique visitors.

Here are some key terms of Facebook- users must know

Application – a program that allows users to share content and interact with other users

EdgeRank – an algorithm used by Facebook to determine what content gets shown in users‟ News Feeds

Fan – Facebook users who choose to “Like” and become a “fan” of an organization’s page

Friend – personal connection on Facebook

Friend List – organized groupings of friends

Group – a collection of Facebook users with a common interest; any Facebook user can create and join a Facebook group


  1. Within Facebook, to like a business Page means you have  become a fan of that page.
  2. Within Facebook, to like others comments on their wall or news feed
  3. The number of users who have liked your page
  4. Outside of Facebook, to like something using that has installed the Facebook like button

Network – an association of Facebook users based on a school, local community, organization or workplace

News Feed – an aggregation of one’s friend’s wall posts published on a user’s Facebook homepage

Page – official presence for public figures, artists, bands, businesses, places, entertainment, causes, brands, or products to share information and interact with fans on Facebook

Profile – presence for individuals to share information and interact with friends and organizations on Facebook

Wall – the core of a profile or page that aggregates new content, including posted items (e.g. status updates) and recent actions (e.g. becoming a fan of a page)

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