Apply a few easy SEO tips & tricks for effective “search engine” ranking

Here, I would like to share five most basic seo tips & tricks what’s often ignored by many webmasters.Go though your site and be sure that you have done little easy steps for best search engine results.


Make sure your site title state what you want to say or your functionality, it’s should be contained some little words what a visitor would type into a search box. It is often called keywords.  You also need to create a unique page title for using each page.

Meaningful Title:  “Basic SEO Tips for Beginners”
Not good Title:  “SEO Tips”


Make your site description short and understandable through a snippet. It will tell the visitors what about your page is. It would influence the visitors for click on your link. Try to make it within two lines.
Relevant and meaningful example:

Basic SEO Tips for Beginners – helpful for new seo starters.

Not Good Description

SEO beginner’s tips which would help you to make you an expert of seo


Use HTML Head tag i.e., <H1><H2> etc

You should use a Head line at the top your great web site which would publish your site relevancy to the audience. It is also recommended that you should make your headline similar to your page title respectively.

Example : <H1>BBC World</H1>

You are requested to use <h2>,<h3>, <h3>, <h3> for subsequent pages,


bbc sports

bbc cricket



Use accurate html file name, instead of using file name like frontpage.html, page1.html, banner.html. It is better if you use relevant keywords keyword phrase as your html file name. Example: search-engine-tips and tricks. Keep it mind, each word or phrase should be distinct by a hyphen (-).

Another supplemented advice – Do not try to rename index.html file like index.htm, index.php etc.


Using an “alt text description” with each websites images

When a visitor move to cursor on any image it will appear as a short description, so that the visitors can understand the site’s subject matter. it’s also help to search to identify your site functionality as well.

Be serious about image naming in your html code. Here is a good example: you could use Barbeque-food-menu.jpg instead of image1.jpg, image2.jpg etc.

These are a simple seo tricks what could help somebody, specially to those who are real and fresh seo beginners. But keep it in mind those lots of factors working behind the seo intelligence.  I definitely say, without practicing above tricks no site could state place in the search engine or in google search results.

I love to hear from you and your opinion; it could be either good or not good.

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