How to embed a youtube video to your wordpress blog?

It is known to every internet expert users that using video learning methods is a tremendous way  to learn anything better than reading text materials. Visual demonstration always attracts learners and they easily can grab it. Here, we will see how easy to put a youtube learning video clips into your WordPress post.

Just follow this video lesson

Use Facebook to Promote and Branding your Business

 Use Facebook to Promote and Branding your Business-Part-1

Now a days, Facebook became a great way to connect people with each other. Facebook started its journey since 2004 with a few facilities but in recent it’s expanded lots of flexibility among the community in several ways.

Facebook’s slogan is

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Apply a few easy SEO tips & tricks for effective “search engine” ranking

Here, I would like to share five most basic seo tips & tricks what’s often ignored by many webmasters.Go though your site and be sure that you have done little easy steps for best search engine results.


Make sure your site title state what you want to say or your functionality, it’s should be contained some little words what a visitor would type into a search box. It is often called keywords.  You also need to create a unique page title for using each page.

Meaningful Title:  “Basic SEO Tips for Beginners”
Not good Title:  “SEO Tips”

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Check Your Internet Speed

Checking internet speed

To check the internet download and uploading speed is more important to those who are often face problem with their respective service provider. Sometimes, the subscriber claimed that they are not getting enough bandwidth from the provider at the same way provider also defend themselves according to their policies.

There are lots of web site providing free service to check internet speed, but all sites and tools are not working accurately.

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