Use iGoogle as your own Homepage

iGoogle is one of the most attractive and effective features of google products. It has lots of enhanced tools which allow users to customize and use as a home page.  Users can use it as a blog or as an own web page.

Customizable Top Banner: Full facility to customize or redesign home page banner. iGoogle also offer a dozons of pre-built very good looking top banner which could added as a gadget from it’s large library.

Attractive gadget  : Users can add multiple gadget from it’s great collection like social marketing tab, photo album, instant gmail face, world top news, you tube videos etc. I personally found it as a wizards what’s always assist me to complete way of my daily tasks.

Changeable Theme:

You can change or update your iGoogle theme whatever you like.  Just clicking on “change” theme” on the top right corner of the page and select and apply.

Link to other site: 

Most likely of other blog or website, you could add your favorites click-able link of blog or sites.

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